NPD made simple.

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Well, no, if it were simple 9 out of 10 innovations wouldn’t fail  - but here is our “zero science” success formula for NPD success: Success likelihood  =  Marketing funds* how good our new product is versus the alternatives)/(premium we are asking* extent we ask shoppers to do new things). See graphic illustration below. What's

The nearest thing to a dead cert – how to win the category management battle in 2018

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Winning in category management can come down to many things, but the one certain way to get your buyers to listen to you rather than competitors is to bring a totally new perspective that’s a game changer on merchandising, planograms and ranging. It’s rare that such a breakthrough becomes available in the UK. Your goal

5 things that should worry any category manager about the future of margins as online shopping continues to grow

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I was looking at data from our recent Shopper Intelligence measurement programs in Australia where recently we compared shopper views of their category online shopping experience compared to the equivalent shopping trips in physical stores. To be honest, I didn’t expect to see quite such big differences. It's apparent that an on-line shop triggers very

High-value shoppers

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High-value shoppers - they may be harder to win, but surely it’s worth the effort? If you ran a restaurant or a law firm, a garage or a dress shop, which customers would you care about most? It’s the loyal ones, right? The ones that spend the big money, who buy at full price. You

Creating the Perfect Research Charts/Slides

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Wow, perfection! Quite a challenge. Well, let us soften the objectives to “great” then. Many of us spend hours crafting charts on PowerPoint slides. We love ‘em don’t we? Getting the perfect data, selecting the right chart type (Who likes pie charts? Who prefers bar charts?), selecting nice pictures (thank you Google), dropping in punchy,

CMA Partnering Group research identifies gap for improved shopper insights on the “path to loyalty”

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  Latest Industry research carried out by the Category Management Association and TPG identifies application of insights and identification of strategy as the most pressing areas for improvement in category management. The journey, they say, starts with understanding shopper needs and wants and finding the triggers to improve the "Path to Loyalty". Welcome to Shopper

Ahold CEO endorses our philosophy?

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In a recent interview with McKinsey, Ahold CEO  appears to back the idea we have built our business on, which is measuring outcomes with shoppers. And its about benchmarking....   "We’ve defined three promises—to be a better place to shop, a better place to work, and a better neighbor—with the simple overarching message that we