Aldi explore premiumisation in Australia – new pics

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Much discussion in the UK about Aldi's onward march taking share from the major Supermarkets. Assumptions abound about price being a dominant factor in stealing shopper baskets. But as our earlier research has shown for many shoppers the appeal of interesting foods and one off deals is almost as important in making the trip, particularly

Driving insights from Data

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One things we hear from clients almost daily is "I have loads of data but its not being used, what I need is insights!"   The quandary of business today is that technology is delivering data in  increasing amounts, faster than its helping us get the insights from it. One area that is starting to

An insight about insights from Darwin?

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An insight about insights from Darwin?   One can draw lots of parallels between business success and the theory of Evolution, not the least of which is the concept of survival of the fittest, ie the entity that is best adapted to the environment (market) will succeed better than the less adapted. Good news is

Are half your Shopper Research recommendations misleading? ….the search for Significance

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Are half your Shopper Research recommendations misleading?  ….the search for Significance As researchers, we report findings to clients.  We have a responsibility to offer considered guidance based on that research (only) rather than guess work, otherwise why bother with research? We seek to understand what the real life shopper wants so that the commercial outcome

A new model for Category “Role” thinking

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Category Role - at the heart of category management for 20 years, but until now vague and prejudiced! Category Role - back to the basics - but what's the problem? Its been part of category management thinking for 20 years since my friend Dr Brian Harris developed the "8 step process" with The Partnering Group.

Top 10 secrets for more effective Shopper Research

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It’s the end of another year of working with clients on all matters shopper. I am sure we all feel another year older, and perhaps a little bit wiser (all being well!). I thought I’d summarise the bigger things that have struck me this year:   The ten top secrets of making shopper research work

Research and the Reptilian Brain

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Research outcomes, benchmarking and the “reptilian” brain: Human psychology has an interesting underlying trait that helps get impact and meaning from research. Since the dawn of time we have evolved to compete, to fight, to win. Our reptilian brain (the amigdala) psychologists believe is still running an operating system that was designed to keep us

So what happens when your Brand is out of stock?

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Simple, you say. People are so loyal they sprint to somewhere else to buy it! Well, clearly not I every case. Buyers and sales people have to pour cold water on the white hot enthusiasm on the typical brand manager! In deciding how to range any category in a store, with a view to optimising

The tough part of shopper marketing thinking?

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The tough question in Shopper Marketing? As brand manufacturer people many of us have years of experience in working out how to inspire consumers to buy our brands. It’s not a massive leap onward to work out how this translates through the path to purchase (it’s a leap, but hopefully not a chasm!) Where sometimes