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Identifying and supporting category growth strategies

Successfully identifying and implementing category growth is proving increasingly difficult in today’s environment. Whether trying to get shoppers to trade-up to higher margin/premium items or to expand their usage/buy more often – Shopper Intelligence is the uniquely powerful source for identifying the appropriate strategies. We ask shoppers directly, and in large numbers, what their shopping needs are, and importantly, which brands, categories and retailers are doing the best job at satisfying these needs? Our annual program allows us to track this over time to identify trends and changes – flagging when strategies are successful or when they need to be tweaked.

Informing ranging discussions and new product proposals

Retail real estate is precious. More and more, retailers are reviewing and reducing ranges and lines to optimize the category mix. To understand where range gaps exist, where NPD is needed or even where ranges have become to unwieldy and are confusing shoppers – we need to benchmark categories against each other, based on direct shopper feedback to determine what strategies suit each category within each retailer. Shopper Intelligence allows you to be not just the category expert, but the ‘store’ expert for each of your retailers, looking beyond the rate of sale and margin factors into the minds of the ultimate arbiter of success – the shopper.

Improving promotional efficiency

Promotions are everywhere in store. Even in categories where we are rewarding unchanged behavior as much as changes in behavior. This kind of investment is expensive and we need to understand where it is having the desired impact; (i.e. incremental sales, not just rewarding loyalty). Shopper Intelligence provides three critical insights into the promotional investment decision; 1) when is the decision to buy taking place, so we can direct efforts where they will have most influence; 2) what change in behaviour are promotions achieving – is our category “responsive” in a profitable way? And 3), we can identify the loyal shoppers, who buy at full price, so we can work out how to target and reward them accordingly.

Developing more effective shopper marketing thinking

Effective shopper marketing means we offer the right triggers at the right time during the shopping trip all the way through to the “moment of truth”. Only by speaking directly to shoppers can we really understand their path to purchase and decision making processes for a given category, which will allow us to effectively adapt our shopper marketing plans. If a shopper has pre-planned and made a decision about their purchase before they reach the shelf, then our marketing efforts need to be visible and impactful earlier in their journey. If shoppers make last minute decisions and are more impulsive, then in-store/at shelf activity will be more efficient. Shopper Intelligence distinguishes between categories in this way and therefore leads to knowledge-based shopper marketing plans.

Improving the store mix

Suppliers and manufacturers by nature have a brand and category focus, but retailers make decisions based on an entire store perspective. Traditionally, conducting store-wide shopper research has been outside the budgetary scope of suppliers (and even some retailers). Shopper Intelligence offers a system that both sides can use together to collaborate better on what is best for the category and for the store at the same time. We measure all major categories so you can identify how each one plays a unique role and delivers unique benefits – and most importantly, how each one should be treated differently, based on how the shopper perceives it.

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